The Steps You Need to Monetize Your Creative Business

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Real Proof that my strategies WORK! 

I grew my Facebook Page from 400 to 3,000+, made over $1,000 in affiliate sales, increased my email subscribers from 700 to 1700+, spoke at an online summit, and created a how-to webinar to sell on my site, since taking your course. I have plans to continue to improve my marketing and will be setting up a membership site in the near future.

Charissa Quade 
Cook with a Shoe - The Value of Living Life on a Shoestring Budget by Choice


 I was hesitant to join Creator's Roadmap because I am not a creative business. Instead I provide a service as a infant/toddler sleep consultant. But I knew I needed to build my business and branding so I tried it.

Since taking the course, I have doubled my Facebook like/following and increased my prices and I have been busier than ever. I have hired assistance in my daily life and to build my website. I now have the knowledge to offer my skills online so I can service many families at once. I’m no longer afraid to grow my business fast because I will have a way to help many people in a non one-on-one method. Thanks to Jennifer and this course, I have the tools to grow larger than I have ever imagined and more families can get the sleep they need! And what’s more important than sleep?!? 

Samantha Day
Samantha Day Sleep Consulting


I doubled my wholesale income this month, and increased FOUR TIMES my affiliate sales and 200+ more people in my email list. Feels good to have some extra money in my pocket this month. Thanks, Jennifer, for keeping us focused and encouraged, so we can get to the stage where we can start seeing greater results. 

Anita Morrison
AMor Rustic Arts


The Creator's Roadmap course was jammed packed with information. Everything
in this course was gold! I wouldn't have even known where to begin as far as
getting different income streams set in place had it not been for this
course. Our Facebook page has grown to almost 11,500 followers- growing by 3500
followers since we started.

Since the course,  I have finally began to treat my business like a
business. I quit my full-time job and I am finally pursuing my dreams. This course also made me realize that growing my creative business online is
a real and achievable goal.

Sarah Booe
The Wooden Nickel by Sarah Ann


After completing the Creator's Roadmap course and implementing the strategies for course creation and effective launches I was able to develop a six week business coaching course that I have now launched twice. The combined income from the two launches is over $10,000 and we have plans of a huge fall launch this year.

As a small business entrepreneur you often times find yourself working solo in your office or studio with no one to brainstorm ideas with or help you stay on track with long term goals. 

I found that the guidance and information provided in the Creator’s Roadmap course was invaluable to me for both short- and long-term business planning and management and weekly brainstorming support. This course is a must for you if you’re planning on growing your business anytime soon.

Amy Cesh
Schoolhouse Salvage

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 So, I just compared numbers from before I started in Creator’s Roadmap. Facebook = 24% increase, IG = 30% increase, Pinterest = 7% increase, and my email list went from 0 to 82! Woot! I didn't have an email list prior to the course so that is a major win.

I have checked off some major "to do's" on my list as a result of this course. It also has given me confidence to start some one-on-one business coaching and been an overall
boost for my business and the stuff going on in my head.

My biggest win has been to "do the things." The results will continue to come. Thanks, Jennifer! You bless me big!

Barb Nichols
Barb Ann Designs

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I cannot thank you enough, Jennifer, for all that you have done for my small business.  I started my business, Three Painted Birds, a little over a year ago.  I still have a full time job- so it was really just for fun.  As I started getting into it more and more I realized that it was what I was meant to do.

My biz was still small like a few hundred followers on Facebook, none on Pinterest or Instagram, and no website.  I had no real plan other than to work harder and more and try to put myself out there.  Then I took your course! My Facebook followers has more than tripled in a few short weeks!  I am hosting my first local market and the reaction on Facebook has been enormous (over 3500 interested in the event and it grows by 100-150 per day!)

I have done more in the last six weeks for my business than I have in the last year and a half thanks to the Creator's Roadmap.Joining your course changed me and it changed my business. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Kim Schaaf
Three Painted Birds


I has just began DIY teaching journey almost 2 years ago when cancer tried to defeat me BUT with God's grace and power I pushed forward.

A year and half later, I was the hamster on the wheel in my business, falling off being so overwhelmed that I was LITERALLY ready to throw in the towel.

God stepped in and I joined your Creator's Roadmap. Since joining, we have gone from 600 followers to over 1200, post engagements are from 100 to almost 2,000 (up 263%) in one month, live videos are up over 400%.

I do see my dream and I reach for it!

Renee Holder
2 Chatty Chicks


I've been working my creative biz for years and it wasn't UNTIL I met Jennifer Allwood that my business went to 6 figures! Not once, but multiple times. 

In the Creator's Roadmap Course, Jennifer gives you THE path to follow in order to grow a 6-figure business.  This stuff works ya'll!!  After finishing the course and following her steps I was able to increase my social media followers by 15,300 and my email sign-ups by 3,000! Not only that, I made almost $10,000 more during this 6-week course than I did during the same 6 weeks last year. It's working!! The course more than paid for itself!! I also made $30,000 in one year alone with my e-book - another passive income. 

Would I recommend this course to new business owners? Absolutely!!  Would I recommend this course to seasoned business owners? You betcha! I love having a private group of like-minded people who understand my struggles and just get it.

I'm so blessed God put Jennifer in my life! 

Julie Siomacco
Southern Charm Wreaths

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"Amazing Business Benefits"

I was drawn to Jennifer Allwood as a fellow hardworking mama and peer. I found myself watching her coaching videos as I was working on my creative business in the evenings.

Next thing you know, I was signing up for the Creator's Roadmap in the middle of the night and praying for the opportunity to learn more from Jennifer.

One month later, my business has grown more than I thought was even possible. Yes, that's +500%! I haven't even employed HALF of what I've learned from the course, and I've even tried to slow down in an attempt to keep up with the growth.

Jennifer Allwood is a creative genius. The graphic, alone, shows the business benefits from Jennifer's coaching; however, all of the secondary benefits have been equally amazing. Now, I have relationships with creative peers all over the world, I am networking with those in my same industry, AND, I've made a friend in Jennifer Allwood...someone who I've looked up to for years. 

I can sincerely say that this course has changed my life for the better. 

Anna McGraw
Inspired by YOU Jewelry

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"Not Alone"

This is the best thing that has happened for me in a long time. I no longer feel like I am the only person that thinks or feels like I do. I now know that I'm a creative person and lots of us feel the way I do.

Thanks again for all you do ! I was worried about the money I spent and now I know why God led me in your direction.

Betty Cunningham
Betty's Wreath Boutique

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