Listen to see how Creator's Roadmap helped these entrepreneurs:
Lisa needed to slow down and work less
Lisa of Mama G's Tees had a medical condition that slowed her down from her physical jobs and helped her focus on her creative business . In Creator's Roadmap, she learned how to take her business online so she can work whatever hours she want based on how she is feeling. 
Leslie wanted an online business so she can travel and enjoy retirement
Leslie is planning her future so that her husband can retire, and they can travel ... and she can still earn an income with her business Leslie's Divine Designs. Leslie was able to take the Creator's Roadmap course when it was convenient for her and learned how to make passive income.
Allison saw the potential of scaling her art classes online
Allison, founder of Orange Easel of Art, needed to scale her successful brick and mortar studio to the online space. The Creator's Roadmap course helped give her the confidence and the push her to finally get her biz online and the continued support to grow her brand.
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She wanted to replace her full-time income
Anna was working TOO MUCH. She needed help making her side hustle a legit, money-making business and finding her clients online. This is how she was able to step away from her career and have more time for family by getting her Inspired by You Jewelry online.
She needed to find more local clients
LeAnn is not techie. She needed help building her online presence at Leann's Cabinets and attracting local customers to hire her for custom work and cabinet painting.
Her creative talent was maxed out + family life needed flexibility
April couldn't fit in any more hours baking special event cookies. Her creative talent output was MAXED OUT. And she needed a flexible schedule so she could care for her special needs daughter. She got her business online at Sweet & Saucy Life.
She wanted to be in a job that she loved
Gale had a big wake up call with what she was doing with her life. Her God-given talent was in demand but she needed a viable business and to reach a wider online audience. And guess what? She is in her dream job now at Gale Nation Hand Lettering.
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She wondered what to do next
Trish needed help with what to focus on in her business University Pickers.  She needed the tools to grow her audience and sell her goods. She also gained a like-minded community for encouragement and support.
She was tired of hustling 24/7
Julie, owner of Southern Charm Wreaths, learned how to set boundaries in her business, increase her revenue and work less. and how to make money in her creative business. In fact, she earned 10k in the 6 weeks after taking this course!!!
She wanted to get to the next level
Roxanne needed a clear path and accountability to move her painting business Roxanne's Redesigns forward to the next income-earning level. 
She was new to business
Tammy from Flippin' Furniture needed guidance on how to get more social media followers and all creative business tips for opening her first brick and mortar store. 
They knew they were not utilizing the online space
Kindra and Ashlie from A Fabulous Finish struggled with how to use the online space to sell her creative talents. They've now launched a website and have a social media strategy that is getting them even more clients and building a fan-base across the country.
She wanted to turn her hobby into an income
Barb needed help turning a craft hobby into a business - Barb Ann Designs. She needed help building a website and building online relationships with her clients. 
She felt isolated and welcomed feedback
Amy needed a sounding board for her creative ideas and she found a community where she could get direction and support. She also gained tools for improving her time management and taking her business - Schoolhouse Salvage - to the next level.